Structural Design - Structural Design Engineering - Structural Steel Design

BijjamIT provides comprehensive set of Structural Design and Drafting services to a wide range of global clients. Based on your structural design documents, we will provide the Structural Engineering Design calculations, Structural Steel Design drawings and the details.

We are committed to deliver innovative and effective solutions to every challenge we encounter in Structural Steel Design. BijjamIT has been involved in a great variety of Structural Design and Drafting projects encompassing almost all phases of traditional as well as advanced engineering practices.

We conceptualise and design various types and sizes of structures for industrial, commercial, and institutional purposes.

Structural Design and Drafting services we offer include mainly the following:
1. Basic and Detailed engineering drawings for RCC and Structural Steel
2. Structural engineering calculations
3. Fabrication Drawings
4. Bar-bending Schedules

BijjamIT's greatest asset is a highly skilled and qualified team of Designers, Draftsmen, Analyzers, and Detailers reputed for unmatched professionalism. The increasing number of project success stories enables us to attract more potential clients, and maintain a steady customer retention rate. It has been a mutually beneficial and confidence building process between our valuable clientele base and us over the years. A cross section of our diverse set of clientele includes architects, engineers, developers, contractors, designers, builders, municipalities, state agencies, and institutions.

All drawings are prepared on globally recognized and highly efficient software.