BijjamIT consultants are ready to assist your enterprise with a variety of training and human capital development initiatives, including, strategic planning, evaluating, implementing learning solutions, establishing & operating training-related eBusiness, and evaluating return on investment (ROI). Because we pioneered learning management and human capital development for some of the largest and most top notch companies in the world, we have a wealth of expertise and experience and to share.

BijjamIT technical consultants supplement your IT staff to provide all the expertise needed to prepare for and implement your learning management and human capital development solutions. We can help finalize your solution design, recommend hardware if needed, install the software, transfer existing databases into other databases, test the system, and work with your IT staff to insure optimum performance. Anywhere you need support, a BijjamIT technical consultant is there to help.

At BijjamIT, the Contract Division specializes in the placement of temporary information technology professionals that can encompass short and long term assignments as well as contract-to-hire situations. We have placed these professionals across the entire range of IT disciplines and in locations around the country. Our contractors have worked on projects as short as one month and as long as three years. We invite any qualified contract IT professional to submit their resume to us. BijjamIT deals with W-2, 1099, and third party agency consultants. Please refer to the Careers section of our website for a representative sample of our currently available contract position openings.