BijjamIT's mission is to achieve clear leadership and excellence in the field of software development, consultancy services and service delivery to our clients. BijjamIT’s management is focused and responsible to expand the company fiscally and to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Our People:
We attract and retain high performing talent and maintain a clear and unified focus on our mission and objectives.
1. We are committed to provide a workplace environment that values discipline, innovation and creativity to achieve results.
2. We offer cooperative, performance-based compensation package for highly skilled professional.
3. To retain valued employees, we identify and develop talent based on merit, promote and encourage professional growth of all employees by rewarding performance.

Our Philosophy:
We believe strongly, that we stay focused in our mission, as we keep our customers' goals in mind; provide cost effective, creative solutions, apply time-tested management principles and hire the very best available employees.
1.Our distinct competitive advantage is our multidisciplinary approach, characterized by technological and business experience delivered by world-class programmers, administrators, integrators, project managers, communication engineers and business analysts.

Our Commitment to customers:
We pledge to our customers, the highest level of service, by keeping our customer's goals in mind and by listening to our customers.
1.We fully commit to developing strong, long-term relationships with our customers.
2.We provide effective and innovative solutions and time-testing management principles are the hallmark of experienced professionals, we always hire the very best available and maintain a positive work environment.

Our Commitment to employees:
We pledge to our employees, a challenging and rewarding workplace that encourages learning, respects personal integrity, is sensitive to personal circumstances and recognizes performance and accomplishments.
1.We owe our success to the more than 100 professionals that we have recruited.
2.Our superior and dedicated staff have enabled us to achieve development growth every year, besides winning industry recognition as a dependable and honorable company.