Technology, Media & Telecommunication

Our Telecom Practice has successfully executed large co-sourced and outsourced engagements.

We offer our customers cost advantage, value and assets derived from our Solution Labs, reduced time-to-market, flexibility to engage us for IT consulting, systems integration or complete solution rollout using various sourcing models.


  • Systems Integration
  • Service/ Subscriber Portals
  • Analytics & Decision Support
  • Software development
  • Engineering services
  • IT Consulting
  • Application Development & Maintenance
Banking, Investments & Finance

Our BFS team comprises professionals who have broad and deep knowledge of the industry.

Our projects involve technologies and the latest tools to give enterprises the competitive edge. We also offer expertise wiht open source tools.

Our activities span across the following:


  • Investment Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Transaction processing
  • Insurance
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Settlement and Clearing
  • Market Data & Research
Consumer Business & Retail

We offer innovative solutions to companies in the Retail and CPG sector. We have extensive experience in integrating customer insights and providing solutions that give retailers the ability to thrive in today’s demanding market place. We leverage strong business process knowledge, technological prowess, strategic alliances & a strong global presence.

Our dedicated pool of professionals include:


  • Functional Consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Architects
  • Transition specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Programmers
  • Testers
Healthcare & LifeSciences

Our integrated services for healthcare and life sciences are specifically tailored to provide customers with a wide range of solutions. We’ve adopted an end-to-end integrated solution approach that leverages our highly mature horizontal technology expertise and vertical functional competency in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domain with key focus on customer delight.

Public Sector

We, at BijjamIT, understand the complex structures and have made huge investments to study the regional and state Public sector frameworks in Technology Integration. We have dedicated service offerings with in-depth understanding of the business processes and challenges with regards to Information technology domain for the following types of projects that include: Government (State, Federal and central), NGO, IGO ,Central Banks, Global Development Banks ,Higher Education and many other department projects.


BijjamIT provides expert solutions to its customers enabling them overcome various challenges that they encounter in their day-to-day operations. We build a business model that can easily scale up and down in response to the dynamic and cyclic nature of demand. Global product development is a key element of such a flexible, scalable model that offers benefits such as increased speed to market, lower costs and enhanced flexibility. Based on our IT expertise, we offer a modular service concept that allows our customers and partners secure the services they need ranging from conceptual to detailed design & analysis. Our Engineers are positioned to effectively serve the Manufacturing industry in areas like Product Design & Development, Embedded Systems, Product Life Cycle Management and IT Solutions with focus on Onboard Software & Hardware Development, Testing & Integration, and Verification & Validation.


Energy companies are making significant investment in engineering services & IT to reduce cost and create new revenue streams. World energy demand is expected to grow at 1.7% p.a till 2030. Oil and Gas would comprise almost 90% of it. BijjamIT has proven ability and domain knowledge in Energy. Combined with advanced technology, BijjamIT is in a position to determine and deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to global clients in their product development challenges. We employ highly professional engineers, many of whom are acknowledged experts in their individual disciplines - to help clients realize exceptional and successful projects in non – core functions across all markets.Our expanding portfolio of innovative services caters to various equipment manufacturers in Energy, aerospace, defense and Oil & Gas sub industry sector projects.