Who We Are
At Bijjam IT, we recognize that our people, our culture, and our clients contribute equal parts to our success.

  • Our Corporate Headquarters is in Schaumburg, ILlinois.
  • We design Big Data, Data Science, BI, Database and other Software Solutions.
  • We provide services in IT Consulting, Software Development, and Engineering Services.
  • We attract and retain high performing talent.
  • We're proud of our success, both as a business entity and as a corporate citizen.
  • We value diversity and also value working with veterans, minority owned and small businesses.
  • President & Ex-CEO Bhaskar Bijjam has been at the helm of Bijjam IT since its inception. In fact, he helped build the company from the ground up. It all started with an idea to serve our community.
  • We strive to maintaining a clear and unified focus on our mission and objectives.

Established IT services company around Chicago Land Area. We recruit from a diversified talent pool with emphasis on technical capability, quality and knack for solving tough problems and we offer client satisfaction on all the projects.

Presient & CEO Madhavi Dereddy

we are hiring

Big Data Experts

If you are in Big Data, we are hiring.

Software Engineers

If you are techie, drop us a line for your next job opportunity. We are glad to help.

Systems Analyst

Those with PeopleSoft experience are encouraged to apply. We are looking for talented people who meet our job requirements.

Embedded Systems Software Developer

If you have a knack for coding at OS level and love Objective C or if you are a hardware developer, please contact us for your next assignment.


If you can program, we are hiring for all technologies.

DevOps Experts

If you are into DevOps, we are hiring.

  • Madhavi Dereddy BijjamIT - CEO & President

    BijjamIT's vision for the current year 2022 is to attain leadership in delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients globally.

Our Talent Pool

Embedded Systems Developers

Big Data Experts(Dev, Admin, Supp, Arch, Test, QA, PM)

Software Developers


System Analysts


Data Scientists