BijjamIT provides end-to-end solutions in the areas of Internet, Intranet and other web related technologies.

1. Our highly skilled resource base helps you realize your internet and e-business goals by delivering robust web based applications including application based frameworks and language based programming making your application available to a large spectrum of people across all types of platforms.

2. We engineer all types of applications, from simple applications to highly complex platform independent applications using the best of breed web building technologies and programming languages.

3. Our strategic partnerships allow us to leverage some of the best technologies available to rapidly deploy complex customized e-business solutions. We have the abilities to design and create your vision.

4. Our time-tested methodologies help us deliver large and scalable applications in a short period of time. We critically analyze all potential business applications for flaws before we suggest an execution strategy, to ensure judicious utilization of time, labor, money and the creation of a highly optimized application.

Project Implementation and Management

We can help you utilize your resources effectively by providing you a highly skilled project management team. This team will not only understand your requirements and your business process, but will also help you implement it in a structured manner, enabling you to cut down the cost of the application development process as well as delivery time.

Integration and Support Services

Our strategic partnerships with the best of breed technology partners help us not only create robust business applications but also enables us to provide highly proven third party technologies that seamlessly integrates with the applications we design especially for you. They enable us to deliver an entire framework, which is akin to providing end-to-end solution, all under one roof. From hosting services to security, load testing to performance tuning and optimization, site maintenance and optimization to web trend analyses, we continually strive to provide our customers all types of solutions and support services.