Welcome to Bijjam IT

Bijjam IT offers services to several large and medium customers across the globe with partnerships with global software giants and skills & expertise on wide variety software platforms including leading edge Internet and e-commerce technologies.

We are capable of executing project services, Onshore in the USA and Offshore in India. We engineer all types from simple applications to highly complex platform independent applications using the best of available web technologies and programming languages.

BijjamIT has developed a unique track record in supporting leading Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Marine, Plant Engineering, Rail and other engineering industries in their product development support and optimizing their development time & processes.

Our Services

We offer Quality Business Software Solutions, Project Implementation & Management, along with Supporting Leading Industries.

Fast Turn Around

Our company will provide you with resources who will guarantee fast turn around of your projects without compromising quality nor budget.

Supporting All Industries

We have a proven track record of working with clients in diverse industries and technology stacks.

Friendly Coding

We employ the very best and those who adhere to strict industry standards while working on projects while at the same time provide friendly coding.

End-End Documention

No project is complete without proper documentation and we excel at meeting industry standards.

Extra Support

We offer a helping hand with tech support and resources to our clients during project development.

Open-Source Tools

We also work with the new open source tools and technologies like Hadoop, Big Data, NoSQL, R, Machine Learning, & Predictive Analysis.

Software Development

Contract Services
We are proud to have with us Project Managers and Technical experts with long-standing experience and an excellent record of accomplishment.

Project Implementation Methodologies
Methodical execution of an e-commerce project includes key factors such as determination of scope, requirement analysis, functional and technical design, coding and implementation.
We have acquired the best practices in each area and have a rapid delivery system, which helps us execute projects in a timely manner. We take into consideration constraints that your company might experience. In a dynamic industry where changes are a subset of growth, we strive to provide effective solutions that envision change management and leave adequate room for changes to be modeled within the scope of a project.

E-Business and Web Related Projects
BijjamIT provides end-to-end solutions in the areas of Internet, Intranet, e-business and other web related technologies. Our highly skilled resource base helps you to realize your e-business goals by delivering robust web based applications including application based frameworks and language based programming making your application available to a large spectrum of people across all types of platforms.
Our strategic partnerships allow us to leverage some of the best technologies available to rapidly deploy complex customized e-business solutions. We have the abilities to design and create your vision.
Our time-tested methodologies help us to deliver large and scalable applications in a short period of time. We critically analyze all potential business applications for flaws before we suggest an execution strategy, to ensure judicious utilization of time, labour, money and the creation of a highly optimized application.

Project Implementation and Management
We can help you to utilize your resources effectively by providing you a highly skilled project management team. This team will not only understand your requirements and your business process, but will also help you implement it in a structured manner, enabling you to cut down the cost of the application development process as well as the delivery time.

Integration and Support Services
Our strategic partnerships with the best of breed technology partners help us not only to create robust business applications but also enables us to provide highly proven third party technologies that seamlessly integrate with the applications we design especially for you.
They also enable us to deliver an entire framework, which is akin to providing an end-to-end solution, all under one roof. From hosting services to security, load testing to performance tuning and optimization, site maintenance and optimization to web trend analysis, we continually strive to provide you all types of solutions and support services.

Engineering Services

Being focused on Manufacturing Industry, we have established strong credentials in the field we operate which is unparalleled & within the engineering services spectrum with a strong inclination for quality, innovation and professionalism that is second to none.
With over several million hours of Industry experience, BijjamIT Engineering Services are able to provide customers a fast and effective professional service to match your specific requirements.

We have helped our customers achieve over
• 30% reduction in lead time
• 20-30 % reduction in over all design costs
• Improve process efficiency without compromising on quality

Engagement Model
BijjamIT has rich experience in managing various engagement models & building Center of Excellence (CoE), based on our client requirements
• Onshore – Onsite
• Onshore – Offsite
• Offshore – Onsite
• Offshore – Offsite

The advantages of BijjamIT in setting up CoE include:
• Experience in providing services to Product Companies
• High Quality Management
• Quick in replicating and administering customer processes and practices
• Global Experience
• Extremely cost effective services
• 30% reduction in lead time
• 20-30 % reduction in over all design costs
• Improve process efficiency without compromising on quality

Our service Model

Quality Business Software Solutions

IT Consulting Services

  • BijjamIT brings to its customers high quality software services, resources, and products through Consulting.

    BijjamIT has offered cost effective solutions through its onsite responsibility and offshore development to various customers in the Manufacturing, Finance, Transportation and Retail industries:

  • Project Management
  • Web Technologies
  • ERP & CRM
  • Data Conversion

Project Implementation & Management

Software Development

  • The Head Office for software development is located at 1750 E Golf Rd, Ste 234 Schaumburg IL, USA.

    The client has the option of choosing a) Onshore b) Offshore c) Combination of Offshore and Onshore sites for the execution of work with Offshore services being the least expensive for the Client.

  • Corporate Overview
  • Contract Division
  • Qulaity Control
  • Diverse Industry Portfolio

Supporting Leading Industries

Engineering Services

  • BijjamIT offers a unique combination of engineering skills, domain experience, and application know-how.

    BijjamIT's expert teams in engineering span the complete product development cycle, from concept development through after market support in Engineering Design & Development.

  • Mechanical Design & Drafting
  • Architectural Design & Drafting
  • Civil Design & Drafting
  • Structural Design & Drafting0% Transaction fee