Piping Design - Piping Stainless Steel - Piping Valves - Piping Drafting

Our experienced team of CAD professionals will design, draft, re-draft or convert to digital format your plans/drawings for all types of piping design projects. We prepare preliminary and detail piping drawings as per your requirements and schedule.

Leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure, convenient software tools, and highly skilled CAD professionals, BijjamIT can digitalize various types of piping stainless Steel, piping valves, piping drafting - from simple layouts and details to complex geometrical models - ready for use on the most modern CAM equipment. We possess the expertise to deliver single-line, double-line, and 3D piping drawings and layouts according to customers' specifications.

Piping Drawing solutions offered by BijjamIT:
1. 2-D or 3-D Drawings (including updating the drawings to suit customers' preference)2.
2. Full scale plotting of drawings (A1 metric and D size)
3. Spread Sheets (Bill of material and Material take off)
4. Digitizing hand drawn sketches and older drawings into electronic format

Drawings/sketches in hardcopy can be sent to us by online file share, postal mail, courier or fax, and image files can be sent by email, file-sharing services, FTP or SFTP. We will dispatch the processed output back to you by email / FTP or on media such as USBs, Floppies, CDs or DVDs.